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Diabetes Police

The Diabetes Police project fulfills our hearts, because we are able to give other diabetics younger than us a feeling of belonging and acceptance. Children attain a sense of personal empowerment and self-confidence. In addition, the real life atmosphere of the Diabetes Police creates attention regarding the Brave diabetics and raises awareness in their communities. Most importantly, we slowly erase the fears and prejudices regarding diabetes in the Arab community.

Diabetes Police it is the first and only in the world and it's the association original idea since 2013. Our elite unit is comprised of four Brave diabetics. This unit is created as a community outreach tool for young diabetics in the community, in order to strengthen their ability to maintain a balanced blood sugar level and a healthy lifestyle. This initiative applies the symbols and methodology of a typical Police unit; uniforms, Police car and badges, executing surprise visits and reaching children in as many corners as possible in their communities; at home, school or their playground. The only warning is a pre-secret call to their parents before arrival at the child's location. 

The Mission is to check on the spot blood sugar levels of diabetic children. Every diabetic child, whose blood sugar results are less than 200, receives a personal gift. While those whose blood sugar results are more than 200, have to obey ‘orders’ from the Diabetes Police. By ‘orders’ we mean that we provide a plan with individual goals for the diabetic, and they have to present themselves in front of the Diabetes Police within 3 days for rechecking. Later on, the blood test is forwarded to the parents with a congratulations and a personal gift.